Thursday, Dec 31

the "Fun Workout"
4 rounds
400m run
10 burpees
10 situps
10 squats

post time to comments


Wednesday, Dec 30

3 rounds
50 Squats
40 Situps
30 Pushups
20 Lunges
10 Pullups

Post time and distance in the comments. 

Tuesday, Dec 29

Practice Handstands for 10 minutes.

For the wrestlers: After the handstand practice spend time walking through all of your wrestling skills. Do your single and double leg takedowns unopposed, practice your sprawls, cowcatchers, etc... Then have a match in your mind. Find a quiet place and see yourself performing in your first match of the season. See it going just the way you want it to. After your "match" work through various situations in your head and how you will respond to them. What will you do if your opponent does x, y or z?


Monday, Dec 28

Death by 10 meters
Mark off 10 meters. Start your timer and run 10m. Each minute on the minute add 10m to the run until you can't complete the run in one minute. For example, 10m the first minute, 20m the second minute, 30m the third minute and so on.
Borrowed from www.crossfitla.com
Post time and distance in the comments.


Sunday, Dec 27

Find something heavy to lift for today's WOD. Fill a backpack with books or rocks, use the sandbags we talked about making(in class) or use your little brother or sister(if mom allows). Dumbells will work too.

The WOD is:
Move the weight from the ground to overhead 30 times as quickly as possible. You can Clean and press the weight. Use your angry gorilla position to get the lift started.

Post time and what you used for weight in the comments


Saturday, Dec 26

Warm up with a light jog or some jump rope then:

Pullups/ Thrusters w/ Dumbbells
Do 15 Pullups then 15 Thrusters( Front Squat to Overhead Press)
Do 12 Pullups then 12 Thrusters
Do 9 Pullups then 9 Thrusters

Select appropriate weight for the thrusters..
If you are using homemade dumbbells like we talked about in class, remember a gallon of water = 8 pounds. A gallon of dry sand = 12 pounds


Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad

No WOD today. Enjoy the day with your family and friends. Get out and do something fun. Play soccer, football, basketball or hide and seek with your little brothers, sisters and cousins. Make up an new game or revisit one form elementary school. Organize some races for the family, teach them some of the exercises we use or just encourage your parents and grandparents to get off the couch and go for a walk with you.

Post your best Christmas experience in the comments.


Thursday, Dec 24

Christmas Eve Day
A busy day so this will be a quick down and dirty WOD
100 Burpees for time

Remember chest touches the ground on the pushup part and feet leave the ground on the jump part. Be honest with yourself. Post time in comments


Wednesday, Dec 23

House of Cards

Grab a deck of cards:
The number on the card is the number of reps and the suit is the exercise. The exercises are:
Hearts = Pushups
Diamonds = Situps
Clubs = Squats
Spades = Burpees

Ace= one
Jacks= 11
Queen= 12
King= 15

Pull a card, do the exercise, pull another card, do the exercise. Continue until you finish the entire deck.


Tuesday, Dec 22

3 mile run

A lap around Fremont is approximately one mile so do three laps around the outside of the school. If you want to start from your house use www.mapmyrun.com and plan your own route.

Post your time and distance run in the comments.


Buff Class Final

The semester comes to a close and here is a pic of the class before the final. The final was a nasty chipper:
"Buff Class Final"
30 DB Cleans
30 Pushups
30 DB Deadlifts
30 DB Over Head Press/ Push Press
30 DB Front Squats
100m Crabwalk
100m BearCrawl
850m Run
5 Bleacher climbs
30 Burpees
Times ranged from 14-52 minutes but most were in the 18-24 minute range. I was very pleased with the effort from the class. It has been a fun, enjoyable and challenging semester with the first ever "Buff Class." I will see some new faces in the class in March and some faces will not be there due to their class schedule changing. There will always be just one 1st Buff Class and it is and will be special for me.

I will be shifting back to regular posts for the Buff Class to keep in shape over their 2 month break and also for the wrestling team who needs to stay fit during the holidays.


Discovering intensity

This past Friday Buff class did the Big Dogs WOD from CrossFit Kids website:
5 rds
50m sprint
10 Squats
50m Bearcrawl
10 Pushups
This workout was the first time, for many of the students, that they understood "intensity." Not really sure why this WOD was such an eye opener but it was. The students were gassed but they kept on pushing. No one quit, not even the last kid who took 17:30 to finish.