Friday, January 29


Walk 100 feet on you hands in as many attempts as neccessary.
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Thursday, January 28

You may notice a change in the header today. After trying to figure out the insurance issue with the school district I was informed that the district self insures and cannot include CrossFit in the insurance policy since there isn't one. I had to pull the affiliation paperwork. Now, the only way for me to officially affiliate is to pay for insurance out of my own pocket. That isn't going to happen since this was to be a nonprofit affiliate and the school district is trying to cut my(the teachers) already small paycheck. Hopefully when the CrossFit RRG is approved I might be able to afford affiliate insurance and I'll try again.
All that being said, nothing will change about the site. I will still post WOD's, fitness education and my thoughts but I won't call it CrossFit.

200m Walking Lunge
A lunge counts only if the back knee touches the ground.

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Wednesday, January 27

3 Rounds
1 minute Double Unders
1 minute Sprint
1 minute Pullups

post double unders, distance run and pullups tp comments


Tuesday, January 26

5 Rounds
10 Broad Jump Burpees
10 Pushups

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Monday, January 25

5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts
10 Burpees

Post weight used and time to comments


Friday, January 22


Push ups

from CrossFitKids.com

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Thursday, January 21

I wanted to pass this on to all who are interested. As you may know, the country of Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake last week. There is a 2 mile benefit run this Saturday to help raise money to help provide aid to those affected, through the American Red Cross. If you are interested in doing the run or just donating check out this website.

As quickly as possible do:
35 pullups
35 pushups
35 situps
35 squats
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Wednesday, January 20

Practice handstands for 10 minutes. Do them freestanding and against a wall.

Good luck in your matches wrestlers.


Tuesday, January 19

Wet, wet weather we are having so let's get wet.

Do a 3 mile run and stop every 2 minutes during the run to do 10 squats

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Monday, January 18

I hope everyone had a great weekend, now it's time to get to work.

3 Rounds
1 min double unders
1 min burpees
rest 5 minutes then repeat the WOD. If you don't have a jumprope for the double unders substitute Tuck Jumps(knees to chest).


Weekend 16-17

Enjoy youselves this weekend. Rest up and have some fun. Play a new game, hang out with friends or do something on your own. Have a great weekend.


Friday, January 15

5 rounds AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
100m Sprint
15 Burpees
post time to comments

Congrats to Brian M for winning his 1st wrestling match. Can't argue with a pin in the first minute of the first round. Good showing by the rest of the team. Remember to determine 3 things you did well and 3 things you need to work on and bring it to practice.


Thursday, January 14

3 rounds
10 Pullups
15 Push Press
    choose 10-20 pound dumbbells for the Push Press
Remember to Dip-Drive-Press for the Push Press

Good Luck Fremont Wrestlers in your first match of the season and first in 10+ years.


Wednesday, January 13

Front Squat
3 sets of 5 reps
Find a weight you can manage for 5 reps. Rest up to 4 minutes between sets
Remember to keep your elbows high throughout the movement.
Post weight to comments.


Tuesday, January 12

Three rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 25 meters
Standing broad-jump, 50 meters
Run 100 meters
modified from CrossFit.com

For my wrestler with the bum wheel:
3 rounds for time of:
25 Single leg lunges
50 Single leg forward hops
15 Single leg lateral hops
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Monday, January 11

Using the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, perform the following:
8 Rounds Tabata Pushups
8 Rounds Tabata Squats
8 Rounds Tabata Situps
8 Rounds Tabata Burpees

Post total reps to comments


Weekend update 1/9/10

Enjoy your weekend. Get lots of sleep and eat well. Be active and be kind to your body.

Buff class, I still have a few T-shirts left over, mostly XL's. Price is $10. If you are interested post a comment to let me know.


Friday, January 8

100m Broad Jump Burpees(BJB)

To do a Broad Jump Burpee you do a regular Burpee but instead of jumping straight up to finish you jump as far forward as possible. Do your next BJB where you land. If you take a few steps forward when you land, move back to where you made contact with the ground and start your next BJB.

Post time and number of Broad Jump Burpees to comments

Thursday, January 7

Deadlift 3 sets of 5 reps then:

5 rds
25m BearCrawl
25m Sprint
15 Burpees
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Wednesday, January 6

Skill Day.

Practice Double Unders for 10 minutes.
Double Unders(DU) are done with a jumprope. The rope passes under your feet 2 times on a DU instead of just once like a regular jump rope jump. This sounds easier than it is.

Congrats to:
Roger for winning the Squat hold competition yesterday with a time of 2:55 and Brian for winning the Plank hold competition with a time of 2:51. Great job guys.


Tuesday, January 5

Five sets of:
Five OverHead/ Shoulder Press
Find the heaviest thing/weight you can press overhead 5 times. Rest 2 minutes between sets.

Monday, January 4

5 rounds
Deadlift something heavy 5 times. Rest two minutes between rounds.
Use good form "Angry Gorilla" stance.

Post weights to comments.

Wrestlers : Practice today. On the mat at 3:15pm


Sunday, January 3

100 Bench Jumps

Find a bench or box that you can jump and land on safely. It should be between 14-20 inches high.

Post time to comments

Remember practice on Monday. Be on the mat and ready to go by 3:15pm. See you there.


Saturday, January 2

The new year started yesterday and lots of people made resolutions that they will probably break today. Forget about resolutions. Take 10 minutes today to set achievable, measurable goals and a success date. All three things are very important and if one is missing it's unlikely to happen.
Let's use running a 4 minute mile as an example of a goal.

Is it Achievable? If you have never broken 12 minutes for a mile going sub 4 is unlikely, even in a year's training. Can you run a 5-6 minute mile now? Possible, so that will work.

Is it Measurable? As long as you have a timing device determining whether or not you run a 4 minute mile is measurable. A goal of "being nicer to my little sister" is to vague and not measurable. To make that measurable the goal should be adjusted to "play with my little sister 3 times a week" You can easily determine if you played with your sister 3 times in a week and that would probably achieve the desired result of being nicer.

Does it have a success date? When do you want to succeed? Without a firm date of completion you have no accountability for the goals you set, your goal is just floating in the wind without any direction. I can set a goal to make a million dollars but without a success date it might take me 40 years. Which is better $1,000,000 in 6 months or in 40 years. If I say 6 months I will have to work  my butt off to succeed or I can mess around and make $25,000 a year for 40 years. Set a success date for every goal you set and make it  a challenge.

You may find that as you work towards your goals that you set the bar to low for yourself. There is nothing wrong with changing your goals as you go just don't make them easier because you found it too tough.
Set 5 goals.Post goals to comments. Also, write them down and put the paper where you will see it often throughout the day.  Share your goals with your friends and family. Monitor your progress toward achieving your goals and make sure you are on track to meet or exceed them.
Remember, "Failure to Plan is Planing to fail."

Friday, January 1 2010


Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post rounds completed in comments.