Thursday, January 28

You may notice a change in the header today. After trying to figure out the insurance issue with the school district I was informed that the district self insures and cannot include CrossFit in the insurance policy since there isn't one. I had to pull the affiliation paperwork. Now, the only way for me to officially affiliate is to pay for insurance out of my own pocket. That isn't going to happen since this was to be a nonprofit affiliate and the school district is trying to cut my(the teachers) already small paycheck. Hopefully when the CrossFit RRG is approved I might be able to afford affiliate insurance and I'll try again.
All that being said, nothing will change about the site. I will still post WOD's, fitness education and my thoughts but I won't call it CrossFit.

200m Walking Lunge
A lunge counts only if the back knee touches the ground.

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