Wednesday, March 3

Welcome Back!
Today was the first day of the the Spring Semester here at Fremont High School. Most of the students are back and class sizes are very reasonable. We will give out locker combinations tomorrow and then we go live on Friday. Buff Class has already asked for a good tail whooping and I will oblige them. One of my seniors walks into the office and says, " Mr. McCue. I'm ready for Buff Class to start again cause I'm getting fat." After he said this I commented that he was eating a Filet-O-Fish and his response was "I'm just enjoying this last one before I get back in shape." Classic!

The 9th grade classes and some of the 10th graders as well are prepping for the FitnessGram that we do each year. Now, in California, you have to pass 5 out of the 6 components or you must continue to take PE until you are able to. I have the next 6 weeks all planned out to best prepare them to pass.

The Syllabus and the Notebook template are now posted in the links section.

2 Rounds
400m Skipping
400m Run Backwards

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