Friday, April 30

3 rounds w/ PVC
3 Squats
3 Front Squats
3 OverHead Squats
3 Press
3 Deadlift
3 Cleans

Sand Bag Relays
used 15-20# sandbags
varying length sprints carrying the sandbags with sandbag exercises mixed in.

Thursday, April 29

Fun Workout
4 Rounds
400m Run
10 Burpees
10 Situps
10 Squats

Wednesday, April 28

Front Squat


Tuesday, April 27

Shoulder Press
3 x 5

We used the same setup as yesterday's deadlift with much success. Sincewe don't have racks the class would deadlift then power clean the weight to the rack position. Everyone got a good sense of how it feels to have weight overhead. We will probably hit the front squat tomorrow.

Monday, April 26

Deadlift day
3 x 5

With our new space we are finally able to utilize more of our equipment. We had five columns with three bars or dumbbells of increasing weight each. The students chose a column that they felthad the appropriate weights for them. I called out the lift to keep everyone focused and the students coached each other when it wasn't their turn. A few students were assigned PVC since they were unable to get into a safe lifting position


Friday, April 23

Due to the MidTerm schedule Buff Class didn't meet on Wed or Thursday. Today was a minimum day at school so instead of a Physical WOD we did worked out our brains. I put together a short lesson on nutrition. We talked about the different types of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is one that we will revisit and go more into more depth. The class seemed very receptive to the information.


Tuesday, April 20

This Midterm WOD was inspired by one from the CrossFit SoCal Sectionals
80m run
pick up 25# sandbag and run up and down bleachers
30 squats w/ Sandbag
up and down bleachers w/ sandbag
30 sandbag presses
up and down bleachers w/ sandbag
30 Mt. Climbers
up and down bleachers w/ sandbag
30 Burpees
up and down bleachers w/ sandbag
30 Tuck Jumps
50m run to sandbag drop
80m sprint
The Top Time today was 7:38 by Sergio. He destroyed this WOD. For the girls we had Liz with a 9:30 finish. I ran in the final heat and finished with a time of 10:30 or at least that is what they told me.


Monday, April 19

3 rounds "Fight Gone Bad" style
- Dumbbell Cleans w/ 10-12#DB's
- Squats
- Dumbbell Presses w/ 5# DB's
- Burpees
One minute at each station then one minute rest for three rounds. Keep a running count of all reps. The goal was a score of 250+. The highs were Juan P. with 300 and Suzy Z with 220. Great work.

Big day tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the midterm and instead of our usual evaluation I have something special planned. The midterm WOD was inspired by the Crossfit SoCal Sectionals. After class we will be cleaning up our new space and hopefully putting on a fresh coat of paint.


Friday, April 16

We did more squat therapy in class. Worked on air squats; touching butt to the wall and maintaining contact all the way down and up as well as squats facing the wall so the knees are unable to travel forward too far.

Goblet Squats

Times ranged from 4:58- just over 7 minutes.


Thursday, April 15

2 rds
4 handstands
8 burpees
16 situps

- Air
- Overhead

2 x 1 minute of T jumps
The records for the day: Luis w/88 jumps and Liz w/45. Nice work.


Wednesday, April 14

I was at a seminar on how to break down the state PE standards so the class has an Activity Day with the sub. I hope everyone had a great day. I'll be there tomorow.


Tuesday, April 13

Warm up
3x 3 Handstands/Attempts
5 Pushups
10 sec Frogstand hold

Tug of War
With today being a short day it was a great opportunity to use the rope that I have been meaning to turn into climbing rope for a Tug of War. The teams were very evenly matched so it made for good competition and was quite intense. The losing team had to do twice as much of an exercise as the winning team.


Monday, April 12

First WOD in our new space! It is great to finally have a place to teach too. I am looking forward to using the white boards to further Buff Class' understanding of fitness.
We were able to use the walls to practice Handstands today as the focus. The walls certainly didn't hurt the students ability to do a handstand but they didn't help everyone either. Something that we will continue to work on.
400m run
100 Tuck Jumps
50 Burpees

Joe P. was the first to finish, in 7:44. He looked like he had springs in his legs while doing the tuck jumps.


Friday, April 9

Moving Day #2
Once again Buff Class came through and our new space is now empty of the football team stuff and we have all of the weight equipment in one room we are allowed to use. They got the heaviest and most awkward items out of our new room and transported 200m away with very little input from me. They are a smart bunch when they want to be. It will take a few days to get the pullup bars installed and the floors mopped but Monday will be a fun day. The ditchers that play basketball all of fifth period right outside our new weight room are no. Going to like us....... at all! Time for them to find a new place to hang out.


Thursday, April 8

Today was a moving day. Long story but we have to move from the old woodshop, that I spent countless hours cleaning up, to the football team room. We got most of it done in one period. Hopefully we will be able to get the pullup bars mounted quickly so we don't have to do them from the fence overhangs.


Wednesday, April 7

5 x 1 Forward Roll, 1 Pushup
100m Skip
100m Sprint

This was a conversation relating yesterday's all out effort to all of the workouts we do.
AMRAP 12 min
5 Squats
5 Burpees
5 Jumping Jacks


Tuesday, April 6

Today was a short day so class time was limited. I also used the feedback from Friday's post and planned two quick and intense team relays. The first relay was an 80m sprint across the football field, straight up the bleachers, five pushups at the top and then sprint back to the start. One team was penalized 10 burpees for leaving early.
The second relay was a 70m sprint, 10 burpees and sprint back.
Both relays were all out effort and highly competitive. We had just enough time to squeeze in both relays and the class was spent at the end.

Monday, April 5

Death by Pushups and Situps
With a running clock, do one pushup and on situp in the first minute, two pushups and situps in the second minute, three in the third minute, etc....
I had to call a stop at the end of the 13th round as the bell to go in was ringing.


Friday, April 2

Fall semester has come and gone. You've had one month of continuous training under your belt after a long 2+ month layoff and there are 3 months left in the Spring semester. Now is the time to focus on the what and why? What do you want to do, why do you want to do it and how does Buff Class help? Respond in the comments and answer the questions listed below.

What do you want to achieve in the next three months? Is it make a soccer team, complete a 5k run, do 50 pushups nonstop? Be specific. 
How can Buff Class help you achieve your goals?
What do you need to do to get the most out of Buff Class?
What changes have you noticed, either physical or mental, since Buff Class started in September?
Knowing what we have, how could class be better?


Thursday, April 1

I was planning to have the class do some Jump Rope today but I found out at the last minute that we don't have any jump ropes. I was quite pleased with the results of this last minute scramble.

5 x 5 Forward Rolls
1 Handstand

In teams of  two: Complete
100 Pushups
150 Situps
200 Squats
One partner runs 200m while the other does the exercise. When the runner returns, they take over doing the exercise and the other partner runs. Continue this way until all the exercises are completed. The times ranged from 12:30-22:30. Great job today.