Monday, May 24

After a quick warm up we got right to the WOD: How far can you fun in 30 minutes?
Most studetns finished around 3 miles. The best finish was Hector with 5.25 miles!


Friday, May 21

We've had a good week in Buff Class despite a screwy schedule due to state testing going on. Two barbell lifting days with 3 x 5 Deadlifts on Monday and 3 x 5 Overhead Presses on Thursday with a short metcon following the lifts. Tuesday was a 15 minute AMRAP bleacher run while today was "Fight Gone Bad" style WOD:

3 Rounds on a running clock w/ 1 minute rest between rounds
1 minute Pullups
1 minute Deadlifts 40#/30#
1 minute Dumbell Presses 25#/15#
Highest score was a 195. Congrats Susie!


Thursday, May 13

Overhead Press

was a much smoother operation than the Deadlifts we did yesterday. I am pleased to see that on the whole the form of the class is excellent. It looks like all the PVC work we've done over the year has been imprinted as a movement pattern. It is really exciting to see a whole class lifting weights. It's been a long time coming and I couldn't be happier.


Wednesday, May 12

3 x 5

With the arrival of the new bumper plates we are finally able to add weight to the barbells we have and the bars won't be on the floor. Students were instructed to get into groups of three with people of similar strength. For the most part this worked out well. All eight groups lifted at the same time so it was easy to manage. After each round and all three students lifted they had the opportunity to add weight to the bar for the next round. Some chose to stick with what they had and others added more. One group did manage to make a large jump in weight on the third round as I thought they were taking off two 10's and adding 25's. Instead they added 35's but there wasn't any degradation of form.


Tuesday, May 11

3 round of "Cindy"
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

After that it was time to move some equipment. I found out today that one of our orders came in which meant we needed to move a couple thousand pounds of bumper plates and kettlebells from the warehouse to the gym. Good times. Now we can actually load the barbell we have with weight. Uh oh, look out now!


Monday, May 10

3 x 3 Handstand holds
10 second Frogstand

3 x 5

3 x 5
then 6 rounds of Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

Thursday, May 6

Groups of 4
400m run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
400m run

All team members run together then only one person works at a time. Everyone runs the final 400m and time is stopped when the last group member crosses the threshold.

Wednesday, May 5

Cinco de Mayo

3 x 10 Hollow Rocks
3 Handstand attempts


in teams of 2
3 rds
100 rope jumps/ DB Cleans
The partner doing Cleans continues until their partner completes their rope jumps and then they switch postions.


Tuesday, May 4

Pullups, Pullups, Pullups

With the new pullup bars installed I broke out the assistance bands and that what we did for most of the period. The great thing is that the students who were previously unable to do pullups were able to get lots of practice today and those that could had a lot of fun experimenting with the bands.

finished up with a quick
8 -> 1

Monday, May 3

2x 3 Pullups
5 Burpees
7 Lunges
9 Pushups
4 x 400m Sprint on 5 minute intervals