Year's End

I must say that the last day of school was bittersweet for me. While I am excited about the time off being able to recharge my batteries, I enter the summer with trepidation for next year. In December, Fremont was scheduled for "reconstitution" which is a euphemism for getting rid of everyone who disagreed with the principal. At first I thought this would be great for the PE department as those teachers who were dead weight would not be back and only 4 of 13 are returning. The promises of collaboration and making things better have been thrown by the wayside for the decree of 'I don't really care what you think your opinion doesn't matter.' I have seen the true impact of the reconstitution and it's devastating both for the staff that remain and the students. Promises made to returnees to entice them to stay have been forgotten and the students are left to suffer.
I have had students some up to me over the past few weeks asking if I would be back next year and after giving them an affirmative reply they ask, "Are you sure?" One girl asked me this question on Friday was visibly relieved that I would return as at least three of her current teachers were not coming back. The relationships and connections made between teachers and students have been torn asunder.
I have been telling the kids that Buff Class would be back next year and there could possibly be two classes but now I really don't know. I don't know if the powers that be will grant my request and the desire of the students.
"It's for the kids"
This is often heard when speaking to District bigwigs and I don't believe it. Too much money has flooded the school in the past month. All of a sudden the graffiti is being painted over and scrubbed from the pavement, sprinklers are being fixed and numerous campus upgrades are happening but only to be finished in time for the "New Fremont" to open on July 6th.
For the first time while working in LAUSD, I am scared. Not about keeping my job did I sacrifice my morals and beliefs in staying to teach at Fremont. At the time I didn't think so but I am no longer sure of that. I may have made the wrong decision in staying. I felt early on that it was "wrong" to abandon my students and I chose to stay. I hope I am right. I made my bed. Now I must lie in it.


Anonymous said...

Sean, take it easy, take a deep breath and try to be there for the kids. The "new" fremont will crash and burn because most of the heart and soul have been ripped out of it. I will not be back and mourned heavily, but now I realize I could not have kept up with what they want from the teachers. You will have to try to outlast this diabolical takeover and be there when the sun shines again on Fremont.
Take care of yourself.

Laura said...

Here is another site for fremont