Wednesday, September 29

Great work today on the Back Squat. Three sets of five with a max of a ten pound increase each set. We focused on the depth of the squat as well as maintaining an upright torso. I was very pleased with the effort of the students.
The WOD today was:
5 Deadlifts
10 Box Jumps
400m Run

Deadlift weight varied from 15-45 pounds and box height was 12 or 18 inches.


What????? Really?

We made a crazy discovery today. After working on the Deadlift, we were getting ready to start the Back Squat so we set up the racks. The strange discovery was that the "woman's" bars that weigh 35 pounds don't fit on the racks. They are too short. The 15 pound training bars fit as so the standard 45 pounders, just not the 35's. Maybe this is normal but it was quite a shock to me. We ran out of time with the setup instruction for the Back Squat so it will happen tomorrow.


First Classes of the Semester

This year we have a new schedule so our classes are 90 minutes long. This certainly takes some getting used to but it is ideal for Buff Class. There are only 18 students currently enrolled, down from 30 at the end of last semester, but it is actually quite nice. I will be able to give much more individual feedback for each student. About 80% of the students were in Buff Class last year, a couple more have been in my PE classes before and I have a few brand new students.

Day 1
We covered a lot the first day including; Pushups, Pullups, Situps, Squats, Plank, Handstands, Forward rolls and Burpees. We had a lot of time to work on these and still get in a quick WOD.
3 rounds
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Situps
20 Squats
Form was emphasized and we didn't keep time.


We're Back in Business

Finally! Our convoluted class scheduler added Buff Class in the third week of school. Unfortunately, since it was put in the schedule as an afterthought some of last year's students will not be able to move their classes around to take it. That is disappointing. I'm looking forward to a good year with the students that I do have though.
Today we were able to move in the last of the equipment from our order last school year. We have a bunch of Dynamax medballs and 45# Bumper plates. I think we will be able to use all of them this year.


Check these out.

The tops to the jump boxes finally arrived. I took the time to put five together. We have 12", 18", 24" and a 30" box. Of course I tried them all out. The 30" didn;t go so well on my first attempt. I got distracted and landed on my shin. The second attempt was successful and I redeemed myself. Things are in motion so hopefully Buff Class will start next week.


Tuesday, September 7

Change is in the air! Buff Class is coming back. It  will happen late this week or early next week. My guess is that it will be 8th period but I'm not really sure. I'll just be happy to have it on my roster. Everyone who put their name on my list was submitted to the counseling office so hopefully your schedules are flexible. See you soon.


Wednesday, September 1

Halfway through the first week and we are still hoping for the Weight Training class to be placed on the schedule. If you signed the list this week that you want the class, make sure you file a request to see your counselor and pester them to get it on the schedule. That would be Ms. Palomo or Mr. Hernandez or go see Mr. Salazar, the Assistant Principal, Counseling.