Wednesday, December 22

End of the Semester
If you didn't make it to school today you missed out. Today was a heavy lifting day. We started out finding our max height box jump. The highest jump today was 40.5 inches hit by three people and there was still some jump left in a couple of guys. Then is was on to 1 rep maxes of Back Squats, Presses and Deadlifts. There were some fantastic efforts and we determined that a bunch of you have been holding back a bit but despite that there were some huge gains. Little Joe started the semester at 30 pounds on the Deadlift, today he pulled 125 a 400% increase.

School doesn't start back for us until March so that's 2.5 months for you to sit on the couch or stay active. It's decision time gentlemen. If you don't want to lose all of your hard won gains you NEED to keep up with the WODs. Equipment or not there are lots of things you can to to maintain your fitness. I will keep posting workouts but I need feedback from you about your performance results.

Keep your nutrition in minds as well. This is an excerpt from crossfitkids.com:...sugar is bad, protein is good and you need to eat some in every meal. Nuts and seeds are good fats. Eat them, don't avoid them. Pasta, white bread, and white rice are not that good for you, stuff that's red, yellow, green and found in the fruit and vegetable aisle is good for you. Eat a lot of it.

Look at your plate, make a fist, eat that much meat every meal; turn your hand over and fill it with nuts and seeds, eat that much good fat, fill the rest of your plate with stuff you found in the fruit and vegetable aisle. Fill your plate this way at every meal, don't eat more.

This nutrition prescription is for performance. If  you want to lose weight this works and it works if you want to get stronger too.

Set some goals right now and post them to the comments. Be specific.What will you accomplish by March? 10 Pullups, 20? Deadlift 250, Press 145, run a mile under 7 minutes, 6 minutes, lose 20 or 30 pounds? Hold a freestanding handstand, boxjump 36", 45", 50"? Figure out what you want to achieve and I will help you attain it. Again, be specific with your goals, have hard numbers that you want to attain. I will post my own goals as well and we can all keep each other accountable.


Anonymous said...

Daniel my goal is to lose 15 pounds in break and get in better in my mile run

Sean said...

Sounds good Daniel. Nutrition will be the key for your weight loss. Follow the advice I posted and don't go overboard with Xmas goodies(I know I'm having a tough time with that.) Hit the WODs hard and go all out on them and that mike time will go down. What is your time goal? Be specific.

Anonymous said...

daniel it will be 6:00 minutes a mile