Friday, March 11

Benchmark Day
  What a great day today. Solid work from everyone old and new. We are a few people shy of 30 this semester but I'm sure we will max out. It was fun to see the friendly competition going on in class with the OG's wanting to show the new crew how it is done. The great thing was that the New Crew didn't wilt under pressure and held their own. To all the OG's remember, you probably haven't worked out since December so your fitness level has declined (a lot) as some of you realized today. We will build it back up. To the New Crew today was the first day and it will get better, not easier but better. Stick it out and you will be amazed at the things you will achieve.
  The Benchmark WOD threw many of you for a loop today. Keep in mind eat lightly at lunch since class is right after. Try to bring a snack and eat it after Advisory then save your lunch for after class. It beats what some of you did today. Which reminds me, Juan you owe me a cleanup. Have a great weekend.
2 x 200m run
      10 Lunges
        5 Pushups

Back Squat w/ PVC
Press w/ PVC

400m Run
 40 Squats
 30 Situps
 20 Pushups
 10 Pullups
WOD courtesy of CrossFit Los Angeles
 Post time and any modification you made like the assistance band color used for pullups(if you used on).


Eddie said...

imaxed out after the pushups lol

Sean said...

No worries Eddie. Everyone gets a DNF(did not finish) sometime.

Anonymous said...

This workout killed me, no exercise for two months and then this!......
Man I was sore, I couldn't sit down right, and it was worst when I had to take a shit....I never noticed how low the toilets r, it was a mission to wipe

Anonymous said...

...my time was 5min n 5 sec......wow this time I actually got tire ........ The next day I couldn't even stand up is like if my shoes were made of cement .....my legs r still sore.....

Fajida said...

My time was 4 minutes 51 seconds

Joe said...

My time was 4:40something and I used the blue band for the pull ups

frank said...

My time was like 9:09 the warm up killed me.
I used the gray band and barely finished.

Anonymous said...

my time was 6:25 and i used the grey band. I barely finished and the next day i could barely stand up.