Welcome Back

It was great to see the familiar faces in class to day and welcome some new ones too. If you made it here that means you have started your homework. Remember, the 4 sites you need to visit and explore are:
BuffClassCrossFit.com (you are already here)
Click on the links provided for the websites.
Next step:
Post to the comments 3 things you learned from the websites, 3 things you thought were cool and 3 things you want to learn in class this semester. Remember to identify yourself in the comments.
I look forward to a great semester of Buff Class with you all.


Eddie said...

the first thing i learned was that there are alot of fit people the second is that there are alot of fit kids but the third thing i learned was that there are women buffer than mccue.

one thing ithought was cool is the amount of hard work and dedication and also the amount of time they invest to become the best.thirdly the competition they have to see whos the best athlete.

this semester iwould like to learn hand stand push ups, and also work on our cardio by running etc... getting better at my endurance

eduardoq92 said...

I learned that the cross fit games are being held this year on july 29-31st. Second that there are some badass kids out there. And third that there are very dedicated people out there for being fit.

What I thought was cool was that there are kids so young but very dedicated. That there are badass women that can beat the crap out of most men.

What i'd like to learn this weekend is how to work on my cardio on my speed and endurance.

Anonymous said...

i learned that lots of kids get fitted at a early age, kids from athletic teams, martial arts schools and many parents that want their kids to be healthy.

what i thought was cool was that theirs competitions where people have a time limit perform workouts and post there scores online.

this semester i hope we run more to improve our endurance and do more back squats so we can get better at it..

Anonymous said...

Ruben Soto posted this

Emmanuel said...

I learned that ppl dedicate their lives to being fit, also that ppl make competitions to see who's fitest and that keeping up a regular schedule can benifit u a lot

Cool things
1. The competitions are awesome
2. Buff women beating up guys
3. The buff women put me to shame

Fajida said...

I learned that there is a crossfit challenge crazy, the second was that there are little kids working there butts off like we are, and the third was that those people are in great condition.

The stuff that was cool was that there are some chicks in there, the kids are doing some crazy workouts and the last is that there are so many people working out.

this semester i would like to learn how to do a hand stand completely, and wanna learn new ways to get buffer, and also i would like to improve my endurance so i can keep up with the mexican.

frank contreras said...

The three things I learned was,
that there are a bunch of strong people who work a lot
Kids who are stronger then me (at the moment)
And women who like to work out

One cool thing was the competition they have and that there dedicated. The women too were pretty bad ass.

I would like to learn some techniques to work out without losing my breath.

Anonymous said...

The first thing that I thought was cool was the competition.what I also saw was that kids get fit at an early age.

Cool things
1.the competition
2.womens buffer guys
3. The wall walk was cool but I don't want to do that

Joe said...

One of the things that I learned about crossfit was that there's a lot of kids starting really young and they are dedicated to working out daily and I was surprised because not that many kids are dedicated to anything besides tv and video games. Also that they have an event called The Crossfit Games where people put their strength to the test and compete against other people. Another thing was that the routines that they post are for everyone whether they're a senior citizen or a professional athlete.

I thought it was cool how little kids were lifting weights. Another thing that I thought was cool was the fact that they have thousands of people all over the work following the workouts that they post daily. I was surprised to see women doing the workout as well.

One of the things that I want to learn is how to do a handstand without any help from anyone or from the wall. I want to learn how to swim. I also want to learn how to lift more without getting tired quickly.