Monday, April 18

The Morning Crew
I must give Fajida and Oleta a thumbs up since they've made it to all three morning workouts. You will probably see them moving and performing better and getting stronger simply because they are putting in the extra focus work. Oleta's Cleans and Hollow Rocks are much improved. Everyone has something they need to/should be working on. Take advantage of these extra sessions. The next on is tomorrow at 6:30am. See you there.

3x 10 Hollow rocks
     10 Pushups
     10 sec of L-Hang
     10 Squats


3 rds
5 Power Cleans @ 45#
10 Front Squats @ 45#
5 Jerks @ 45# 
15 Pullups
rest 90 sec between each round

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