Today, I found out how little JC Fremont high school values PE. An equipment order I submitted was rejected because we didn't have any money. The problem with that is the PE department has not spent the money it was allocated at the begining of the year. I was told that we don't qualify for certain monies because we are not a "CORE" subject, read math, english, social studies or science. The money that was budgeted for PE was repurposed for other student needs. What a crock of s*@t. Apparently our test scores don't matter so we are kicked to the curb like a red-headed step child. This despite the fact over 35% of students tested last year were considered obese. That's right over 1/3 of the 1200+ students tested and those are just the ones in PE. I can't believe how much weight many students gain as 11th and 12 graders due to their inactivity.

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Ruben said...

Daumm Fremont be with that bull!!!