Monday, May 16

I spent this past weekend attending the USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach seminar. I did this for a couple of reasons but the main one is I want to be a better coach. I've been to a couple of Olympic lifting seminars in the past, the lifts haven't changed but I still learned a great deal. For those of you who think you are done with school when high school is over, think again. You may not be learning in a formal school setting but you will have to "go to school" to improve your skills. In our ever changing society if your skills aren't up to date you will be without a job or business. There isn't a single occupation I can think of where you will do things exactly the same way from day one until retirement. This is also why we review things a lot in class. Every time we review a skill is an opportunity to develop a better understanding of that skill.

200m run then
3x 40ft walking Lunge
     5 Pullups
     5 Dive Bomb Pushups


5 x 3

Death by: 2 Squats + 1 Pushup
Every minute on the minute do 2 Squats and 1 Pushup. Add 2 squats and 1 Pushup each minute. 

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