Monday, May 23

A small turnout this morning and that just means more individualized instruction.

5 x 40' Bear Crawl
     40' Overhead Walking Lunge
       5 Pullups

Clean and Jerk

That's it. We hammered away at the Clean and Jerk for most of the session with PVC. No need for anything more. We just tried to dial in the proper form and technique over and over and over. We practiced the Press behind the neck, the Push Press behind the neck and the Push Jerk behind and in front. We are going to have some crazy classes with testing going on this week so make sure you show up after school tomorrow.

A reminder: Next Monday is Memorial Day and school is closed so we will be honoring all those who have served and died for our country on Friday. The WOD will be "Murph" and I'm going to throw down with you guys.

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