Yesterday, in a general PE class, I watched a girl do something she didn't believe she was able to do. She had to jump onto a bench 14 inches high. And she did  it 40+ times. Each time she had to conquer the fear of physical pain (coming up short and banging her shins on the bench) and the mental pain (fear of embarrassment and failure). She made well over 40 attempts. Some were aborted before takeoff and others didn't meet the standard. What impressed me most was that she stuck with it and did it with a smile(a nervous one but a smile none the less). I kept on her to do them right but told her I was confident she could do it. The best part was at the end of the 3rd round when most of the students were finished and she was still plugging away, beating back her fears. She was encouraging a friend to complete the last few jumps with her so they could finish the workout. They both quickly knocked out their last few jumps together as though there had never been anything holding them back. I'm petty sure the next time we do bench jumps she will have to conquer her fears again but it won't take her as long to do it.
 As a teacher I have to put up with a lot of crap. The pay sucks, the internal and external politics are brutal and there is a general lack of respect but days like yesterday remind why I love teaching. Knowing that every once in a while you make a positive change in someone's life. That's what keeps me doing what I do.


Ruben said...

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Bob Guere said...

These kind of days are what fuel me as well Sean!