Thursday, May 26

We saw some awesome PR's on the BenchMark WOD today. People were knocking off big chunks of time from the last time we did this workout last month. Frank dropped over 2 minutes off his last time. Way to go Frank. Spartan was able to finish the workout this time and did so without losing his lunch. Keep up the great work and we will hit 'Murph" tomorrow.

2 x 1 min Wall Ball
     1 min Situps

Focus and Lift

Benchmark WOD
400m run
 40 Squats
 30 Situps
 20 Pushups
 10 Pullups

Post time to the comments


Fajida said...

Benchmark WOD time- 4:11

Fajida said...

The benchmark time i had before was 4:45

Anonymous said...

time 4:15

last time was 5 to 6 mins

Julio said...

My time was 4:38
previous time was uncompleted due to an unfortunate up-chuck before I was able finish my last pullup