Thursday, June 30

Today was the last day of th school year and our last training session for June. There are only four short weeks before the start of the CrossFit Games. We had a fun team WOD today with two groups of four athletes getting after it.

3x 40' Bearcrawl
40' Crabwalk
10 Squats
10 Hollow rocks

Back Squat

In teams of four:
60 Pullups
120 cleans @65#
180 Pushups(hand release)
240 Double Unders
27 min time limit

The double Unders were definitely our Achilles heel. Everyone needs to work that weakness 5 minutes a day to get better at it. Odds are that they will show at the Games. I will post the weekend workout tomorrow. I'll see everyone at 4:00pm on Tuesday. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs.mcue srry for lagging ur training.and I will give u ur 20$ for the sweater plus 5 extra for waiting for me. Starting monday I will start going to buff classes workouts every time..I'll practice on my weekend buff classes last wod which was on the 30th..thank you for believing in me. :GILMER