Monday, August 8

After a week off to relax and recover I'm back with more summer programming. Now is a good time to really focus on the Olympic lifts so for the rest of the month expect a lot of Snatch, Clean and Jerk work.

3x 20m Bearcrawl
     20m Crabwalk
     20m Sprint
5 x 3

Burgener Warmup x 3
then with PVC or a broomstick work on the pulling positions of the snatch: high hang, mid thigh, above the knees, below the knees and the shins. Slowly go back and forth between the 5 positions. Spend 5 minutes on this. Then do 3 snatches from each position, still using PVC. This is all about technique not weight. These are not Power Snatches! Make sure you get all the way down and hold the bottom position for a count of five for each rep.

This is for quality not speed!

Pullups(strict not kipping)
Pushups(chest to ground)
Get the chin over the bar each pullup and full extension of the elbows at the bottom. The pushups should be explosive from the bottom. Touch your chest to the ground and explode up.

Post your observations and questions to the comments.

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