Wednesday, August 10

3x 10 Knees to Elbows
     20 Walking Lunges
     10 Hollow Rocks
Back Squat

This is exactly the same as Monday and it will be the same or similar for the rest of the month hence the term Focus. Spend some quality time on this. Don't rush through this so you can get to the "fun" stuff. Make each rep count. 

Burgener Warmup x 3
With PVC or a broomstick work on the pulling positions of the snatch: high hang, mid thigh, above the knees, below the knees and the shins. Slowly go back and forth between the 5 positions. Spend 5 minutes on this. Then do 3 snatches from each position, still using PVC. This is all about technique not weight. These are not Power Snatches! Make sure you get all the way down and hold the bottom position for a count of five for each rep.

4 rounds
20 Double Unders
20 push ups 

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