Wednesday, August 17

Today's WOD is something different. Go to a park, find a play structure and climb all over it. Get on top of it. Think of different ways you can move up, over, around, across and under it. Hand upside down for a while. Swing on the swings an jump off for distance. Get into the mindset of a six year old where the world is you playground and you are the queen or king. Swing on the monkeybars, climb a pole or tree, roll in the grass. Do all that and more for an hour. Get together with some friends and play tag or create a challenge contest. Call it GAMEON. The first person lays down a challenge like "climb the pole to the top of the swingset and back down." The challenger has one opportunity to complete their challenge. If they do the next person attempts it. If they fail to complete the challenge they get a letter G like in the basketball game HORSE. The last person to not spell GAMEON wins.
The goal of today's WOD is to let go of all the big kid/adult thinking and enjoy yourself.

Have fun and post in the comments what you did.

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