Thursday, September 29

The key to today's class was accuracy and integrity. Accuracy or a lack of it was evident in the wall ball shots, hit the black line with the ball and it counts go above or below the line it's a miss. Everyone had a partner who was assigned to count repetitions and ensure proper movement. For a first time movement the counters did a good job of judging proper movement but we had a conversation after about "What if it's just you counting your reps?" I asked for a definition of integrity and one student hit the nail on the head," doing the right thing when no one is watching." I consider myself an honest person but I have also had lapses, everyone has but in the past five and a half years as a CrossFitter the CrossFit environment has helped minimize those lapses. As I explained to the class if you cheat on the range of motion or cut out a few reps most likely no one will ever know but whatever your time or score you got is worthless because you didn't finish. That's a DNF. The time or score can't be compared to anyone else because it's a DNF. I'd rather someone be DFL than DNF because of a lack of integrity.

5 x 3 Pullups
      6 Pushups
      9 Situps
     12 Squats
Looking for quality movement and good form. Take the time and do it right. No need to rush.

Review: Overhead Press
New: Wall Ball

5 Rounds
10 Wall Ball shots to a 10' target
 5 Pushups
 2 Pullups

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