Tuesday, September 27

You will notice that today's WOD is a bit strange and ambiguous. I take very good care of the weight room at Fremont. I make sure it is neat and orderly with everything in it's place. My wife would accuse me of taking better care of the weight room than our house. She might be right. I often don't notice when things are out of place, messy or askew at home but even a small bit of trash in the weight room catches my eye. I refer to this room as "mine" simply because I fought to create it. I had the idea to order the equipment and I spent hours before and after school and at lunch clearing out and prepping the original space that was to be used as the weight room only to have it given to the football team. As much as that pissed me off there was plenty of good that arose form it, "class unity." For two years, the athletes in BuffClass had to move lots of equipment around, unpacking, repacking, transferring it across campus, moving it on Friday so the walls could be painted over the weekend then moving it back on Monday. These athletes learned to respect the equipment and the space because they had some ownership of it. Most of those students from the first two years, the OG's, have moved on and there is a fresh group of students, most who have never had BuffClass before and most who haven't had me as a coach either. This  brought up today's WOD. The dumbbells in the room had begun to spread like the waistline of an aging former athlete. Where once they were in tight, compact rows and paired together they now were placed all over with no rhyme or reason. The assignment was to work together to move all the dumbbells out of the way and restack them neatly. It didn't take more than 10 minutes as they class hurriedly moved the dumbbells out of the way swept up all the dust bunnies that had taken refuge underneath and then expertly redeposited the weights in an orderly fashion. There was a transformation before my eyes. This group who are mostly strangers worked together to achieve a common goal. Already the class is mentally stronger because they did it together. As well the weights looked great but I saw something else begin develop. BuffClass pride took hold, pride in the space, their space and pride in themselves.
5 x 3 Pullups
      6 Pushups
      9 Situps
     12 Squats

Overhead Squats
Knees to Elbows

Dumbbell move

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OLETA:Thats whats up
BuffClass still kicks ass