Monday, October 3

A new day. A new skill or two. It's always fun to introduce the Olympic lifts to a class. It's fun to see students, athletes, individuals struggle to grasp something new. Knowing how eager they are to learn a new skill and the effort they put forth to complete their task makes my job fun. The crew this year was rather quick in learning the Burgener warmup and the basics of the Clean. One learning session of each skill does not make one a master or even proficient but it certainly moved them a good ways down the learning curve.

5x 3 Pullups
     6 Pushups
     9 Situps
    12 Squats

Burgener Warmup
Dumbbell Hang Power Clean  

In teams of two:
10 => 1
Dumbbell HPC/ Situps
Dumbbell weight was capped at 20 pounds but most were smart enough to heed my warning and stay within the 10-15 pound range.

The WOD showed we have a ways to go with some of the technical aspects of the Clean, mainly keeping the elbows straight through the dip and shrug. The other commonly occurring fault was a lack of a powerful leg and hip extension.  

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