Tuesday, December 6

Risk and Reward
Putting yourself out there is hard. You risk the possibility of failure, rejection and/or ridicule from your peers. For some this is reason enough to never try new things, ask out that girl/guy, try out for a team or even work hard in a class. Others will only do things half heartedly so that when they fail they can use the excuse, "It doesn't matter. It's not like I tried hard." Unfortunately there is no reward when you don't risk anything. Getting an 'A' in a class that you didn't have to work for is meaningless but the 'C' you scratched and clawed for, putting in extra hours of studying and tutoring help from the teacher. That grade is priceless. You earned it, worked for it sacrificed for it, risked for it. That's why I want everyone to participate Jan 28-29 in the CrossFit Kids Gauntlet challenge. It's not about if you win or if there is a prize. It's about discovering what you are capable of. One student mentioned they would like to get in better shape before they do a challenge but that is what we do every day in class, get in better shape. Everyone in class is stronger physically and mentally since they began this class. You have learned to persevere through a tough WOD and lift some heavy stuff. Take advantage of this opportunity that is only 6 miles away. It's a new experience and will be scary and intimidating for some of you. That just makes the outcome that much better. Hall of Fame hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." It's so true.

200m Run
10 Squats
100m Run
10 Pushups
100m Run
10 Squats
200m Run


In teams of two
AMRAP 15 min
50m Fireman's Carry
5 Partner Back Squats
5 Partner Deadlifts

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