Making a Shift

Since the demise of a dedicated BuffClass period in school the workouts here will shift to what the general PE classes are doing. They are still doing CrossFit. They are still moving large loads, long distance, quickly but it is only body weight. This is a shift back to the origins of this blog following my PE classes. I will still post the Monday BuffClass WOD and others using weights here and there.

3x 5 Pushups
     10 Situps
     15 Mt. Climbers

Super Slow Squats
4 count down/ 4 count hold/ 4 count up
Do a whole bunch of singles and finish with a set of 5

Team relays 30m out/30m back
Sprint/ Sprint x 2
Back Pedal/ Back Pedal
Skip/ 12 Jumping Jacks/ Skip
Bearcrawl/ Bearcrawl
Sprint/ 5x spin in place/ Sprint
Roll/ Sprint

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Body Building For Beginners said...

It actually looks pretty intense for a general PE class. Of course I mean that as a good thing for overall fitness.