Wednesday, March 7

    BuffClass to me is like the critically acclaimed TV show that's on the chopping block every season. In the past two days I've had over 20 students come ask me why they don't have BuffClass and my response is to refer them to the principal and tell them it's a money issue.
    Anytime in education you hear the phrase, " It's for the kids" run for the hills. That is educode for Do it for free. I think public education is the only place where it is expected of the employees to provide supplies necessary to do their jobs instead of the company providing them. Teachers aren't independent contractors, just ask my tax man, and yet because "it's for the kids" we are expected to foot the bill ourselves or do without. Enough with my rant, let's get to the WOD.

Modified from the CrossFit Games Open 12.2
AMRAP 10 min
30 Snatch @ 45#
30 Snatch @ 75#
30 Snatch @ 100#
Max rep snatch @ 120#

Complete all reps at the first level before moving on to the next.

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