Monday, April 9

Another big turnout after school today. It is a challenge to mix the long-time BuffClass CrossFitters with the brand new additions but I have taught them all in general PE at least so their movement patterns and faults are familiar to me.

3 x Pullups 5 to15
      Pushups 10 to 15
      Overhead Squats 10 to 15
      Situps 10 to 15

Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
3 x 5

8 x 50m sprints done Cops and Robber style
The sprints were done with a partner chasing at 0.5 sec interval behind. If the lead runner, the Robber, crosses the finish line without being caught by the Cop the Cop does 5 Burpees. If the Cop catches the Robber then the Robber does 10 Burpees.

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