Wednesday, April 4

The annual FitnessGram has reared its ugly head again. I am prepping the students for the yearly pushup, situp, mile run, flexibility, trunk flexion and bod composition tests. After seeing the practice results the past few days I have mixed emotions. I am disappointed that I had only one month to attempt to get these kids back into shape after 2.5 months of little to no physical exercise. I'm disappointed that I do not have a magic wand to wave and make the students fit and I'm disappointed that I can't "make" them all want to workout or appreciate the value of exercise. That being said I was impressed by the running ability of a number of students who have put up some great times despite the fact we have only run a mile or more 3 times this semester. I hope that the bulk of my students pass 5 of the 6 components otherwise they will be back in PE again next year and that means overenrolled classes with 60+ students per period.

"The Fun Workout"
4 x 400m run
       10 Burpees
       10 Situps
       10 Squats

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