Monday, June 25

Today is bittersweet. It is the final workout of BuffClass CrossFit at JC Fremont high school in Los Angeles. After three years of BuffClass and seven years at Fremont I am reluctantly moving on, to where I am not sure. Hopefully I will land at the new high school opening down the street. BuffClass will follow me wherever I go. It may change its name but it will always be a strength and conditioning class for everyone who wants to learn how to lift heavy stuff fast and properly, for those who want to get faster and stronger, for those who want to lose weight or gain it and for those who want to become mentally tough. I've looked forward to every BuffClass whether it was before, during or after school as this is my passion. I will continue to post workouts here and on the Facebook page. Stay active.

200m run
3x 5 Pullups/ 10 Pushups/ 15 Squats

Double Unders

3 rds
7 Clean and Press/Push Press/ Jerk(heavy)
10 Box Jumps


Monday, June 18

We warmed up with some agility work and then got right into the workout today.
"Bear on the Run"
AMRAP 5 min rest 2 min AMRAP 5 min
1x Bear complex
     - Deadlift
     - Hang Power Clean
     - Front Squat
     - Push Press
     - Back Squat
     - Pushpress
200m Run

This was a tough, challenging WOD but the good and suprising news is that Spartan didn't have to hit the trashcan. ;)


Friday, June 15

Lot of skill work and practice in the pool today. Finals start next Friday so everyone was working hard on shoring up their deficiencies.

Get after it today. Go on a long run or bike ride. Enjoy the sunshine late in the evening and have a great weekend.


Wednesday, June 13

The Semester is rapidly coming to a close as is my time at Fremont High School. I'm staying positive about this change even though I will be teaching at a new school for the 5th time in 12 school years. Each school change has been for the better. Both my students and I have greatly benefitted from the new opportunities that arise at each school. I plan to continue my quest to create the best PE class and BuffClass will be a part of that.

Back to the Pool
3 min jog in the water
3 x 30 Flutter kicks on the wall
       5 Out and In's

Rotary breathing
5 min float/ tread

AMRAP 7 min
in teams of 2
40 yd swim
While one partner swims the other bobs up and down until the swimmer returns and then they switch.


Monday, June 11

A small turnout after school today so things went very quickly

800m run

Mobility work


Only 2 BuffClass sessions left this school year. Remember Monday's after school.


Thursday, June 7

AMRAP 10 min
20yd swim/wade
climb out
10 Pushups
jump in
20yd swim/wade
climb out
10 Squats
jump in