Monday, June 25

Today is bittersweet. It is the final workout of BuffClass CrossFit at JC Fremont high school in Los Angeles. After three years of BuffClass and seven years at Fremont I am reluctantly moving on, to where I am not sure. Hopefully I will land at the new high school opening down the street. BuffClass will follow me wherever I go. It may change its name but it will always be a strength and conditioning class for everyone who wants to learn how to lift heavy stuff fast and properly, for those who want to get faster and stronger, for those who want to lose weight or gain it and for those who want to become mentally tough. I've looked forward to every BuffClass whether it was before, during or after school as this is my passion. I will continue to post workouts here and on the Facebook page. Stay active.

200m run
3x 5 Pullups/ 10 Pushups/ 15 Squats

Double Unders

3 rds
7 Clean and Press/Push Press/ Jerk(heavy)
10 Box Jumps

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