September Update

    It has been a while since I last updated the BuffClass CrossFit site. Who knew that opening up a new school would be so chaotic? After 3 weeks we finally issued lockers to the students and got them dressed in PE clothes. The student store didn't order the school set of clothes so the got generic black shorts and grey T-shirts from wherever they please. As the week went on the percent dressed in each class increased greatly. Friday was the first day of "real" PE. Up till then classes did a lot of walking and simple exercises. A few classes will spend more time this week working on the basics, meaning getting in to roll call order and following directions. It is definitely a challenge to start a new program as a first year teacher at a school, new or old. No matter how many years you have been teaching when you are starting over you much convince your students that your way is the right way. Some periods are easier than others and some are tougher. This is my 5th time starting anew in only my 12th year of teaching PE and it is one of the most challenging. In the past I've always had large departments and systems set in place but being the one male teacher in a department of two is an experience. 
    The students are all trying to figure out how they fit in in their new school and many want to be the top dog. This has led to numerous fights during and after school. From what I understand this isn't unusual and actually common at many of the schools that have opened in LAUSD the past few years. It doesn't help that the schools are a bit understaffed.  I blame this completely on the management of LAUSD who hasn't learned from their recent history. Less than six weeks is not adequate time to open a new school.
    Coming up this week:
- A Mile run pre-test on Wednesday
- Setting the standards for Pushups
- Continued work on refining the Squat
- Introducing the Burpee

I'm excited to see the classes develop and I'm eagerly awaiting the equipment arriving so we can add in some activity time.

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CrossFit KOP ... Good luck to Giulia, Cate, Aimee, Keith and Tim (Possum) competing at CrossFit Advance today. my review here