October thoughts

This post has been a long time coming but BuffClass is in limbo. The weight room is still under review and my regular classes are progressing very slowly. While I use the principles of CrossFit in general PE, I’ve had limited success this year. Changing a culture is challenge. Creating one from scratch is even more so. It’s been seven years since I’ve had to really shake things up but this time has been tougher. It’s tough because of the success I had at Fremont. I’m not saying it was easy at Fremont but I had developed a culture within my classes and there was an understanding among the students about my reputation and expectations. I have to forge that this year and it requires a lot of effort and patience. I will be the first to admit my patience has failed me a number of times this year. I have a very short memory so I’m sure that I am viewing my experiences at Fremont through rose-colored glasses.

I just have a tough time accepting that people will throw away opportunities to excel. There are students that claim to be athletes but refuse to do basic exercises. It has me evaluating my own opportunities. What have I thrown away just because it was going to be a lot of work or really challenging? 

I will begin posting the class agendas again on the website so others can learn and see what I do in my classes. I miss BuffClass and I hope to revive it soon. I know there are individuals here at South Region High School #12 who yearn for the opportunity of BuffClass and would blossom under the influence of CrossFit. I miss my OG’s and I’m happy to see that many of them are in college, working to make a better life for themselves.  That desire to be better comes from within and is the reason they were able to get so much out of BuffClass and in return BuffClass showed them how to keep working through the discomfort be it a WOD or school or life, never giving up.