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I have been teaching and training preschoolers to the elderly since 1991. Whether it was swim lessons, fitness training or teaching new employees the ropes I was always teaching. I decided to make it my career in 2001 when I got a job at Washington Prep High school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I discovered CrossFit in 2006 and adopted it as my personal fitness protocol and realized how beneficial it would be for my students. I became a Level 1 CrossFit instructor in 2008 and a CrossFit Kids instructor in 2009. This is the best program around.

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D McGavern said...

I am a PE Teacher in Newcastle Australia and have recently started CrossFit myself. I love it and want to get an elective class up and running for 2014 with yr 8 students (14 yrs old). Did you have to write a submission to your superiors to get Cross Fit Kids up and running at your school. I would like to get accredited sometime in 2013 with Cross Fit and CFK.
Advice?? Equipment set up? EtcETc